Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nuvo Crystal playing

So after seeing several posts about these little bottles of colour and having been after a way of making my own enamel dots (I completely failed at melting Hamma beads) I ordered a couple of bottles and have been having an experiment. I started with just some normal dots which I'm very pleased with...
 Then I tried some multi coloured dots and heart shapes which I like too - the swirly ones don't work so well as they don't settle back into a regular round.

Then I got a bit more experimental and tried putting the crops through a punched shape

You have to lift the card off VERY carefully and a thin layer is better, it sometimes leaves a bubble which you can just pop with a cocktail stick.  
The star above is wet - they dry much flatter and not as perfectly formed as shop bought but I quite like the rustic are some others which are dry and released from the wax paper. The one on the end is puffier as I replaced the stencil and added a second layer once the first was dry. 
.....and then I went a bit silly.....just literally playing, creating different shapes.  It's all a bit raw and imperfect and the large yellow 'sun' cracked as the layer of Nuvo was too thin,  definitely needs work, but the potential is there I think.   
The turquoise blobs are Nuvo swirled through glossy accents - again they don't settle into perfect rounds but I like the effect. 
So now all I've got to do is actually do some layouts to use them on :-) Thanks for stopping by...Esther x

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