Sunday, 18 March 2012

Postcard Catching up...

I've gotten a bit behind with my Postcards for Darcy's Challenge and realised that as well as having been really busy, I was also stuck on the story aspect and this was blocking my creative mojo for the actual, rather than give up I decided to try and catch up with the postcards and worry about the story later - or not at all even...and here they are, they are all quite simple - with several to do I had to make life easy for myself!  |I've shown them n reverse order starting with this weeks destination -
The Netherlands  -  
This was created by stamping and masking a tulip stamp many times (there are only three flowers on the stamp) to create this 'field of tulips' and colouring with Pro-markers.

For this one I stamped and embossed the 'Maple Leaf' (hope that's close enough) in clear on to red card, then went over with Picket Fence distress stain and removed roughly from the embossed leaves. I then reversed it and stamped and embossed the leaf in red on white card. 

I enjoyed doing this one as I had a holiday in Switzerland many years ago and loved it. I've used a pic of the Alps that didn't make it into my hol scrap book, added some train tickets from my holiday that I still had stored away  (thereby confirming my need to keep absolutely everything because it will be useful one day!) and a pic from one of my fav childhood TV shows 'Heidi'. I loved that story, had the book and read it may times and have the show on DVD for nostalgia ! The finishing touch was a little glitter on the snow capped mountains !    

While going through some stuff in my mums loft I came across my childhood postcard collection - and among them a couple from Wales. I had obviously tried to do something with this one before as it had slots cut in it so I cropped the figures in costume and added to my stamped row of daffodils, that I'd coloured with water colour pencils.

The eagle eyed among you will notice Cuba is absent...I tried my best but it just wasn't working and I figured one missing wasn't too bad. So here I am all ready to move onto this weeks' destination and hopefully progress on my story will magic itself up too. I've made pages for the cards in my book too but to avoid an even longer post I've just added these to my seperate postcard page (button at top).

Thanks for visiting...hopefully I'll get chance to catch up on other's this week too...Have a good week..Esther xx


  1. Lovely work Esther and loving those fab tulips. x

  2. They are great postcards. So glad you are joining us again.your postcards are lovely and your memories. ..

  3. You did a wonderful job on the postcards. I find the story the hardest part too! Esp love the Switzerland card - great memories!

  4. A great set of postcards there! Well done in catching up!

  5. What super shared Esther, the tulips have to be a winner with me bursting with Spring colours.

    B x

  6. The tulips are my favourite!
    I'm impressed by all the work you did... I don't think I will be able to catch up on four weeks just like that! Amazing job! ♥

  7. Beautiful job on the stamping. I have never done well with the masking, I'll need to try it again. Becasue the results are stunnning. Great job catching up on all your cards. I to have a little bit of a hard time on the story part. For me personally I more interested in just creating the card.

  8. Great tulip stamping and colouring. Well done you for catching up, brilliant job on all the cards.
    Jen x

  9. have done an amazing job of catching up! I especially like the cards with the rows of flowers :D Guess I'm ready fro some sunshine and coloour. I usually grow veg, but am thinking more flowers this year :D XXX

  10. oh well done on catching up, those tulips are just fabulous. Def one of my faves this week.

  11. Superb postcards. You have done ever so well at catching up. Your stamping is very well done.

    Janet xx


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