Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Well here I go.....

Having just finished a degree and landed a new job (have to earn money to pay the bills for my craft stash somehow!) I found myself with my life back and decided I needed to devote some well earned time to crafting...lets face it, it wasn't a difficult decision when thinking about how to spend my spare time now that I have some ! I don't have an enormous well layed out craft room, just a corner of our small spare room, and usually a very messy corner at that, I can't afford lots of gadgets and equipment, just a stash of stamps and other bitsand pieces collected over many years, a little imagination and the desire to share what I do.

So this is it...my blog, haven't quite worked out how everything works yet, and I may be the only one to look at it, but it will keep me out of mischief and hopefully someone will pass by and like what the see.

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