Sunday, 12 February 2012

Postcard challenge #6–Belgium

Twinkle has been trying hard to remember things that may help Ellie on her search and she came up with an old folk tale from Belgium called Sugar-Candy House and made a postcard about it -
The tale is about two children who come across a Pink Sugar-Candy cottage in the woods, they have a nibble and when the wolf who lives inside asks who’s there they blame it on the wind  – they eventually get caught eating and chased by the wolf, but manage to escape with the help of some friendly ducks who make short work of the Wolf by making him fall in the river. You can find the full story here.
Twinkle writes -
Hi Ellie,
I’ve been thinking hard of things that might help you and I remembered this old tale from Belgium, I think granddad used to tell it..maybe you should go to Bruges and see if you find anything..Miss you, much love Twinkle xxx
Ellie tucks the postcard into her book and admits she remembers something herself about her family having roots in Belgium. Having found references to her family in Provence she hit a dead end after that so decides to take the short trip from France…will she be on a wild goose chase though? 
I have to admit this weeks postcard was a bit of a rush, I didn’t have much time to research or create so it was thrown together and I’m not hugely happy with it, but I figured I’m gonna have some weeks that I struggle and I was determined not to miss any, so I just went with it. I was happy with the book page however – you can’t see it well on the pic but I stamped a lace effect in white on the page. The postcard was stamped, masking as i went to create the scene and then coloured with Distress inks  and water colour pencils.
To view other Belgian creations visit Darcy’s blog – I’m going to try and get round more travellers this week as last week was a bit hopeless…hate it when work gets in the way of my blogging !  Esther xxx


  1. Hi. Love your card and the book. Page

    The story is cute. It's a bit hansel and grettle crossed with red riding hood.

  2. a great postcard and your book page (if that a rush job cant wait to see a postcard when you get more time)its lovely, and an interesting story line..

  3. Lovely postcard Esher, hope your lady finds what she is looking for. Caz

  4. Was it a variation on Hans en Grietje's fabel, my grandad used to tell me that story.

  5. love the pink cottage. so many fairytales from different regions have similarities. love that even in our differences we are still alike.

  6. Your page is gorgeous, your watercolour is superb, and your story is keeping on track nicely. If this is what you call a rush job...I'm doubly impressed :D XX

  7. Love the page and your postcard and story are great.
    Jen x

  8. well i love it, the card is gorgeous and I love the story..

  9. Love your card and envie, the colours are gorgeous. M

  10. Wonderful postcard Esther and a great story.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. Brilliant postcard and super story. Very attractive.

    Janet xx


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