Monday, 2 January 2012

Postcard challenge

So - Darcy has announced the first country on our year long Postcard challenge adventure and I have spent a glorious day getting inky and messy and creative.  We're not allowed to share the finished Postcards til Friday but I can show you the book I've made to keep them in. I did share this a while ago but I have done some work on it since as I wasn't happy - so here it is (again).
I've also got some pics of my characters  - the first is Ellie. She's an aspiring musician who wants to travel the world to make her name playing her tunes...This is an altered doll I made some time ago that was on my desk and inspired my Ellie character.

I've used a Crafty Individuals stamp to represent my second character - Twinkle. She's a dreamer, always lost in her thoughts wishing she were  somewhere else.

And here they both are on the inside cover of my book, ready to start their adventure. The introduction says -
I am leaving on an adventure to follow my dreams. I take you with me in my heart as I will not be home for some time - but I will write. It is hard for me to leave and I will miss home, but I must live my own life now and play my music... all my love..Ellie..xx
I've had a great time today making my first postcard - I'm a stamper at heart and was really challenged by the first country  - Austria,  as I didn't have any stamps suitable, but this was so freeing...I had to research images to inspire me and then create from scratch. It was tricky but I loved it, it's not the most impressive piece of art but as a first attempt I'm quite pleased. I can't wait til Friday when I can visit everyone else taking part and see their creations, and of course read the first installment of the stories...if you want to visit Darcy to learn more about this fab challenge you can find her here.

I wish you all a Very Happy New year - back to work tomorrow, am almost looking forward to normality, though the early morning will come as shock !    


  1. these are all amazing hun all so different yet all so so effective hugs cherylxxx

  2. Hi Esther, Happy new Year!! This looks very interesting, I love your ideas and can't wait to see where it will go:0) Hope the early morning and going back to work wasn't too much of a shock, Gay xxx


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