Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A last minute WOYWW

Oh my goodness can't believe I nearly missed WOYWW !! Been so busy at work, I completely forgot what day it is...can I ever be forgiven!! Even worse, not really anything very interesting going on on my desk - still got the card I made for some challenges that's in my last post stood in it's 'photo shoot' position and an array of things much the same as last week surrounding. So I have tried to brighten things up a bit with a piccy of the inside of another plastic drawer - my H2O's that I used on the beach scene..I love these paints.

And does anyone else end up with random piles of things..While examining my desk to see if it would pass the WOYWW test, I took a pic of this lot stacked to one side of my work area. It's  right assortment of stuff - stamps, twine, paper, shape cutter, ribbon, a catalogue and all topped off with a role of tape and a gift tag!! How did all those bits end up together...nothing to  do with the crafter not putting things away when she's firnished surely !!

Edited to add - I'm also dead excited cos I was randomly picked as the Home page Artist at Gingersnaps Creations this week from the entries to their Spicy Supply Challenge...Hurrah!!!

Happy Late WOYWW everyone, join the fun at Julia's blog and have a nosy...Esther xx


  1. I bought some h2o's but dont thin I've ever used them... love your "pile" of stuff...

  2. Hi
    oh i luv my H2o not used them in ages, lovely pile of stuff, have good eve, sue,x

  3. Thats a great little seaside card.

  4. Never tried H20's....yet...bit dear to just try, but I'm going to have to have a go one day! they do look lush!! meanwhile I do have loads of 'ordinary paints

  5. Never too late Esther, not at all! I love H2Os as well, indeed, I mus tget mine out and remind myself of their loveliness. Meanwhile - yes, I have a familiar pile at one side of the desk too - I think someone else just dumps stuff to get on my nerves.

  6. I make random piles all over, and always need the thing at the bottom, Love those twinkling h2o's, I only have 6 would love some more as they are so pretty to use. have a great week honey.x

  7. I love H2Os and love your card. I always seem to have stacks like that too just waiting to be put in their rightful places. I did a BIG tidy yesterday thanks to a long power cut. Let's see how long it stays that way,tee hee.

  8. wow those are beautiful colors (what you call H2Os, I don't think I've seen them here in the Philippines). and yes random piles of things are standard in my desk. of course it has nothing to do with the crafter, LOL!

  9. Love the pic of your H20's. Little bottles of wonderness that they are!!
    Happy WOYWW.
    Hugs Lisax

  10. I used my H20s recently, after not using them for many months. I love their shimmery goodness. Sorry, I don't have piles of random things on my table, but then, my table isn't large enough to have random things on it. I guess that's why I'm a neat freak.

    Glad to read I'm not the only LATE one getting around this week. Yep, I'm really, really late, but I got here before Wed., so maybe that counts.


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