Friday, 11 June 2010

My First Award

How exciting two weeks after starting my blog I have an award thanks to Lavinia - who's great blog can be found here - Lavinias Paper Emporium. So having included the link to her blog, I must either tell 6 lies and 1 truth about myself or 6 truths and 1 lie ?...hhhmmm...
1 - I have my nose pierced
2 - I have a dragonfly tattoo
3 - I am only a year away from 40!
4 - My favourate food is Sushi
5 - I have just finished a social work degree
6 - My love of paper is all consuming

Sorry that's a bit boring but I'm not much good at this kind of thing - my imagination is better for crafting than writing!  Now I also am supposed to nominate 7 other people to pass this on too, I have only been blogging two weeks and I haven't met many people - but here are those I would like to say thanks to who have left me comments and been welcoming, encouraging and most of all inspiring -

Kath and Buddy at - who always leaves hugs with her comments
Netty who's creations are just lovely -
Twiglet -  I love her photographs-
Bluebeard and Elizabeth - whose tales of Wendy make me smile -
Liz - who joined my followers and who's Tilda cards are so sweet -
Julia - who created WOYWW and enabled me to find a whole world of crafters who are as nosy as I am -

So Thanks to you - I know we have only recently become aquainted but your comments to this newbie have been very much appreciated....Please do not feel obligated to follow the award ritual, I shan't be offended just wanted to pass on my thanks....Esther x


  1. thanks for your kind comments esther and I am honoured that you have given us this award...but I have already had it and I'm afraid that I am not very good at thinking up suitable lies...big hugs from kath & buddy xxx

  2. Hi Esther, thanks for the award I will put it on my sidebar as I've not a lot of time at the moment to think of things to say lol, but thanks so much for thinking of me hugs Liz xx

  3. Thank you Esther for thinking of me, but am not much good at this sort of thing, but feel very happy that you like my projects.
    Annette x

  4. Thank you so much for this award. Although I don't normally accept blog awards, I am honored that you would put me in the same class as some of those you also nominated. Will include this in tomorrow's post (June 12). Thanks again.

  5. That's lovely Esther, thanks lots. Will do something with it when I have more time tomorrow - I have been gardening for my daughter today and now I need a long hot bath!!!


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